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Lenny Murphy at IIeX PhiladelphiaAdriana Rocha's Session at IIeX PhiladelphiaMark Earls IIeX NA 2014Rolfe Swinton's Session at IIeX PhiladelphiaJonathan Ewert's Session at IIeX PhiladelphiaGregg Archibald's Session at IIeX PhiladelphiaNiels Schillewaert IIeX NA 2014Anders Bengtsson at IIeX PhiladelphiaMatt Warta IIeX NA 2014David Johnson at IIeX PhiladelphiaLisa Courtade IIeX NA 2014Patricio Pagani at IIeX PhiladelphiaTom Anderson at IIeX PhiladelphiaStephen Thompson at IIeX PhiladelphiaBernie Malinoff at IIeX PhiladelphiaRudy Nadilo at IIeX PhiladelphiaDan Hill at IIeX PhiladelphiaFiona Blades at IIeX PhiladelphiaKumar Mehta IIeX NA 2014Chad Nuesmeyer at IIeX PhiladelphiaJohn McGarr IIeX NA 2014Paul Chan IIeX NA 2014Kurt Knapton IIeX NA 2014Thomas Kelly IIeX NA 2014Sami Kaipa IIeX NA 2014Jeff Reynolds IIeX NA 2014Jeremy Sack IIeX NA 2014Tim Bock IIeX NA 2014Carol Fitzgerald IIeX NA 2014Jeffrey Resnick IIeX NA 2014Martyn Richards IIeX NA 2014Michalis Michael IIeX NA 2014Diana Lucaci IIeX NA 2014Corrine Sandler IIeX NA 2014Andrew Leary IIeX NA 2014Elina Halonen IIeX NA 2014Dinko Svetopetric IIeX NA 2014Ray Poynter IIeX NA 2014Andres Angelani IIeX NA 2014Barry Jennings IIeX NA 2014Dave Lundahl IIeX NA 2014Don Hodson IIeX NA 2014Doss Struse at IIeX NA 2014Eugene Becker IIeX NA 2014Greg Mishkin IIeX NA 2014Greg Silverman IIeX NA 2014Harry Henry IIeX NA 2014Jake Stauch IIeX NA 2014Lauren Moores IIeX NA 2014Lisa Koslow IIeX NA 2014Lou Carbone IIeX NA 2014Scott Upham IIeX NA 2014Todd Brown IIeX NA 2014Will Leach IIeX NA 2014Mark Earls IIeX NA 2014Paul Magnone IIeX NA 2014Gina Lazaro IIeX NA 2014Joseph Chen IIeX NA 2014Eileen Campbell IIeX NA 2014Blair Jeffris IIeX NA 2014Keiko Iwaisako IIeX NA 2014Joel Rubinson at IIeX NA 2014Ari Popper IIeX NA 2014Greg Heist IIeX NA 2014Andrew Reid IIeX NA 2014Alex Batchelor IIeX NA 2014Han De Groot IIeX NA 2014Jan Hofmeyr IIeX NA 2014Michelle Lemire IIeX NA 2014Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan IIeX NA 2014Galina Kho IIeX NA 2014Stacey Symonds IIeX NA 2014Gerard Loosschilder IIeX NA 2014Steve August IIeX NA 2014Julie Diaz-Asper IIeX NA 2014Greg Dolan IIeX NA 2014Dan Emodi IIeX NA 2014Jane Goldner IIeX NA 2014Marc Smith IIeX NA 2014Jeffrey Henning IIeX NA 2014Dave King IIeX NA 2014Valentin Nabel IIeX NA 2014Julien Beresford IIeX NA 2014Kimberly Nasief IIeX NA 2014Martin Oxley IIeX NA 2014Stephen Phillips IIeX NA 2014Thomas Ramsøy IIeX NA 2014Eric Rasmussen IIeX NA 2014Gagan Saksena IIeX NA 2014Josh Shames IIeX NA 2014Stu Shulman IIeX NA 2014Steven Struhl IIeX NA 2014Mark Uttley IIeX NA 2014Joel Weinberger IIeX NA 2014Dean Wiltse IIeX NA 2014Kip Creell IIeX NA 2014Scott Weinberg IIeX NA 2014David Zakariaie IIeX NA 2014David Steinberg IIeX NA 2014Andy Stevens IIeX NA 2014David Bakken IIeX NA 2014Eric Smith IIeX NA 2014Garry Moroney IIeX NA 2014Marcelo Coutinho IIeX NA 2014Steve Genco IIeX NA 2014Lev Mazin IIeX NA 2014Rebecca West IIeX NA 2014Jonathan Deitch IIeX NA 2014Zoe Dowling IIeX NA 2014Rebeca Fucci IIeX NA 2014Derek Sawchuk IIeX NA 2014Dave Birch IIeX NA 2014Justin Hofmeyr IIeX NA 2014Divyabh Mishra IIeX NA 2014Mike Courtney IIeX NA 2014Kendall Nash IIeX NA 2014Shaili Bhatt IIeX NA 2014Foster Winter IIeX NA 2014Kathy Doyle IIeX NA 2014Kristin Schwitzer IIeX NA 2014Simon Chadwick IIeX NA 2014Ryan Backer IIeX NA 2014John Willshire IIeX NA 2014Mark Michelson IIeX NA 2014Kevin Lyons IIeX NA 2014John Davidson IIeX NA 2014Corey Luskin IIeX NA 2014Valeria Brandini IIeX NA 2014Aaron Reid IIeX NA 2014Leigh Caldwell IIeX NA 2014Gina Woodall IIeX NA 2014Roberto Cymrot IIeX NA 2014Sion Agami IIeX NA 2014Christian Damsen IIeX NA 2014James Haycock IIeX NA 2014Jen Drolet IIeX NA 2014Piet Hein Van Dam IIeX NA 2014Mary Meehan IIeX NA 2014Willem Buijs IIeX NA 2014Sean Holbert IIeX NA 2014Mary McIlrath IIeX NA 2014Joel Bar-El IIeX NA 2014Bill Moult IIeX NA 2014Carl Marci IIeX NA 2014Laura Flessner IIeX NA 2014Claudia Del Lucchese IIeX NA 2014Jon Sadow IIeX NA 2014David Brudenell at IIeX PhiladelphiaMelanie Courtright IIeX NA 2014David Forbes' Session at IIeX PhiladelphiaEric Meerkamper at IIeX PhiladelphiaKyle Nel IIeX NA 2014Charles Vila's at IIeX PhiladelphiaCaroline Winnett at IIeX Philadelphie


IIeX is all about connecting - the dots, people, technology. We connect people with ideas at the forefront of innovation in the global insights industry, and we link corporate market researchers with solutions that will help them deliver real business results.

Corporate Insights Professionals: Explore new thinking, emerging best practices, and discover tech solution providers from inside and outside the industry. Network with new potential partners and learn from your peers. If you choose our complimentary Corporate Partner Program, we'll arrange private meetings with the firms you are most interested in during the event.

Insights Solution Providers: Be at the forefront of trends and emerging technology in the insights industry. Whether you are part of or work outside the insights industry, take advantage of abundant networking opportunities, and showcase your best ideas and solutions. This is your chance to demonstrate to the biggest global research clients how your solutions could crack the biggest challenges.



The theme of IIeX is more than a tagline; it’s a unifying principle for how we structure our events. Over the course of three full “can’t miss” days, you’ll learn:

Day 1, June 16
Thought Leaders, Change Agents and Business Catalysts share their vision of the future of insights to inspire you.

Day 2, June 17
No fluff here: Practical, real-world examples of how innovation is transforming our world and what it means for you.

Day 3, June 18
Engage with the trailblazers, from start-ups to global leaders, who take ideas to action. Leave with not just innovative tools, but a new paradigm.


"For the first time in over twenty years, I didn't feel overwhelmed by agencies at a conference (and yes, I felt some trepidation going in), the feeling I experienced was one of collaboration and shared goals."
- Lisa Courtade, Merck & Co.

"I am a fan of IIeX. My hope is that this will be a starting point for the market research industry to truly think differently and become the provocateurs and leaders we ought to be."
- Kyle Nel, Lowe's Home Improvement

"A first rate event which blew the cobwebs over market research's perennial anxieties. Not afraid to field frankly slightly wacko ideas alongside brilliant ones - it's the unpredictability that makes it interesting. You get to see a lot in a short time."
- John Griffiths, Planning Above and Beyond

“Another visible difference from other conferences is the number of new companies that we do not typically see in the MR conference but rather in the tech conferences. That indicates IIeX recognizes and acting upon the fact that forces are coming from outside of our industry."
- Keiko Iwaisako, Ricoh Innovations

“Thanks again for the best conference experience ever! This has by far been the most rewarding conference I've had, and I have tried the lot from drowning between 30,000 neuroscientists and hanging out with a mere handful of philosophers. Congratulations with an extremely well performed event.”
- Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Copenhagen Business School

"Great inspiring event with a lot of energizing presentations to keep MR standards high and reminds everyone of what we're ALL doing in this industry: turning human understanding into business advantage.
- Marjolein van Neikerk, Brainjuicer

"IIeX was the most innovative conference I've attended. Innovative in format. Innovative in content. Innovative in spirit."
- Jeffrey Reynolds, LRW

"I had lots of fun and if client inquiries are a measure of success, we got multiple requests from leading corporations right after my presentation."
- Gera Nevolovich, Hotspex

"IIeX is essential if you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the research industry." - Thomas Sluiter, As We Are

"IIeX fills a current void in the market research conference space by generally being a step ahead on case studies for new methodologies and end client involvement."
- Leslie Townsend, Kinesis


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