Can you solve any of these consumer insights-related unmet needs?

A months weeks ago we launched a new initiative to zero in on the whitespace opportunities for suppliers to step-up and deliver solutions to meet the unmet needs of client organizations. We call it the Insight Innovation Challenge.

We asked clients a very simple question:

“What’s your most critical consumer insights-related need that is currently NOT being addressed by your suppliers or tools available to you?”

After weeks of reviewing almost 70 candidates, the IIeX Advisory Board have chosen the companies to meet The Top 25 Unmet Needs Of Insights Clients onstage at the Insight Innovation Exchange event in Philadelphia on June 19th.

We’ve invited 22 companies that are transforming market research to address the most popular challenges through creative, tangible solutions.

Here are all of the selected companies and the challenges each will be tackling at IIeX:

Working From The Inside Out To Predict Market Disruptions GfK
Harnessing 360 Data For Competitive Advantage Blue Ocean Market Intelligence
Single-Source Marketing Analytics Goes Mobile Xyte
Increasing Patient Compliance Through Implicit Understanding Emotive Analytics
Cheaper, Faster, Better Concept Evaluation At Scale Mizzouri
Agile Business Intelligence & Data Synthesis Emanio
Big Data Visualization – Can Art Meet Science? VisualCue Technologies
Using Communities & Crowdsourcing For Disruptive Innovation Chaordix
Innovation Engineering: Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Succeed Faster Ideas To Go
Omni-Channel & Real-time Experience Tracking MESH Planning
Mobile: The Key To Sampling In Emerging Markets Embee Mobile
Finding & Measuring Disruption Potential RealEyes
Engaging & Understanding Hard To Reach Populations CrowdTap
Embracing Open-Source Data Synthesis For Holistic Consumer Insights TNS
Understanding & Leveraging Unconscious Decisions Neurons, Inc.
Single-Source & Holistic Views Of Consumers Whit.Li
A Better Mousetrap: Cheaper, Faster, Better Research Processes ZappiStore
Video Analytics: Big Data Meets Videos & Images Videntifier
Representativeness Still Matters: Sample Science In A Fragmented World Placed
New Models Of Data Analytics & Visualization StatWing
Enterprise Data Activation: Activating Research Results To Drive Business Theseus DM
Omni-Channel Media Measurement: All Devices, All Channels, All The Time Nomi